Sisters’ Programmes

Sisters’ Annual Sīrah Conference – In the Company of the Beloved sallallāhu ʿalayhi wasallam (30/10/21)
What to Do at the Time of Adversity (29/02/20)
Return to Allāh taʿālā (26/10/19)
The Two T’s – Tawbah & Taqwā (31/08/19)
Jinn, Magic and the Evil Eye (29/09/18)
Halāl or Harām? A Discussion on the Importance of Living a Halāl Lifestyle (28/07/18)
Concern for the Afterlife (30/06/18)
The Real Love (26/05/18)
Make a Difference (31/03/18)
Reviving Dīn in Our Homes (24/02/18)
Leading Ladies – An Insight into the Lives of the Female Companions (27/01/18)
Time to Get Fit! (28/10/17)
The Honour of a Believer (30/09/17)
The Life of Imām Hasan al-Basrī rahimahullāh (27/08/16)
Importance of ʿIlm (05/05/16)