Pearls of Wisdom

2020 Lectures

Sunan of Eating – Part Four (13/01/21)
Sunan of Eating – Part Three (06/01/21)
Sunan of Eating – Part Two (09/12/20)
Sunan of Eating – Part One (02/12/20)
How to Aquire Barakah (25/11/20)
Imitating the Prophetic Noble Character (21/10/20)
Significance of Following the Sunnah (14/10/20)
A Good Parent, a Good Friend (07/10/20)
Harms of Futile Activities (23/09/20)
Illness – A Blessing in Disguise (09/09/20)
A Brief Guide to Tazkiyah (02/09/20)
The Month of Muharram (26/08/20)
Islāmic New Year Resolution (19/08/20)
The Spirit of Udhiyah (Qurbānī) (17/06/20)
A Good Parent, A Good Friend (10/06/20)
Remedies to Cool the Anger of Allāh taʿālā (11/03/20)
The Reasons for Allāhs’ Anger (04/03/20)
Understanding the Month of Rajab (26/02/20)
The Blessing of a Disabled Child (19/02/20)
The Promise of Success (05/02/20)
A Simple Step to Success (29/01/20)
Ten Steps on How to Fight Sadness (22/01/20)
Misinterpretation, Misunderstanding and Misrepresentation (15/01/20)
Importance of Halāl (08/01/20)
A New Year Begins (01/01/20)