Sūrah al-Anʿām

Āyāt 1-5 – Developing Firm Belief in the Tawhīd of Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 6-11 – The Demand of Miracles from the Holy Prophet sallallāhu ʿalayhi wasallam
Āyāt 12-16 – Do Not Compromise Your Dīn
Āyāt 17-21 – Allāh taʿālā Alone is the Doer of Everything
Āyāt 22-26 – Do Not Fail to Benefit From the Qur’ān Sharīf
Āyāt 27-32 – Invest Wisely and Prosper in Both Worlds
Āyāt 33-36 – Allāh taʿālā Gives Solace to His Beloved sallallāhu ʿalayhi wasallam
Āyāt 37-41 – We Are All in Need of Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 42-45 – The Two Tests of Our Life
Āyāt 46-49 – Do Not Turn Away from Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 50-51 – What Does the Qur’ān Sharīf Warn Us From?
Āyāt 52-55 – The Virtue of the Noble Companions radhiyallāhu ʿanhum Above Others
Āyāt 56-58 – Three Instructions Given to the Prophet sallallāhu ʿalayhi wasallam by Allāh taʿālā
Āyat 59 – How to Instill the Awareness of Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 60-62 – The Final Journey is to Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 63-64 – Four Important Rights of Time
Āyāt 65-67 – The Root Cause of Fights and Disputes
Āyāt 68-69 – Staying Away From the People of Innovation
Āyat 70 – The Consequences of Mocking Dīn
Āyāt 71-73 – Responding to the Call of the Beloved sallallāhu ʿalayhi wasallam
Āyāt 74-79 – Interaction of Hadrat Ibrāhīm ʿalayhis salām and His People
Āyāt 80-83 – Prophet Ibrāhīms’ ʿalayhis salām Reply to the Protesters
Āyāt 84-88 – Guidance is Only from Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 89-92 – Having Firm Belief in the Ākhirat
Āyāt 93-94 – The End Result of the Arrogant Ones
Āyāt 95-98 – Manifestation of Allāhs’ Power
Āyāt 99-103 – Manifestation of Allāhs’ Power and Proof of Tawhīd
Āyāt 104-107 – Insight is From Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 108-111 – Do Not Revile the False Gods
Āyāt 112-117 – Two Qualities of the Book of Allāh taʿālā
Āyāt 118-119 – Abstain From All Outer and Inner Sins – Part One
Āyāt 120-122 – Abstain From All Outer and Inner Sins – Part Two
Āyāt 123-125 – Signs of the Divinely Guided Ones
Āyāt 126-128 – The Abode of Peace
Āyāt 129-135 – For Whom is the Ultimate Abode?
Āyāt 136-140 – A Few Traits of the Polytheists
Āyāt 141-142 – Bounties of Allāh taʿālā Demand Gratitude
Āyāt 143-153 – Ten Fundamental Commandments
Āyāt 154-157 – The Roles of the Qur’ān Sharīf
Āyat 158 – When the Sun Rises from the West
Āyāt 159-160 – Following the Complete Sunnah
Āyāt 161-165 – All Actions Should Be Carried Out for Allāh taʿālā Alone