Struggling to cope? Do you need Allah (st) in your life?
Confidential Counselling
A service for both brothers and sisters.
Stuck in a mess? Don't know where you're heading in life? Nobody to turn to? Don't despair!
Seek guidance and advice from those who can help. Our confidential dedicated phone line is open to you every Sunday. You can send your questions via email, arrange to meet us directly, or give us call on Sunday after 7pm...even just to tell us what the weather is!
 You can  speak to our female qualified counsellor or our male scholar.
There are absolutely no charges involved. We simply aim to help and guide you with the wise advices and teachings of our Beloved Nabi SAW to help you connect to Allah SWT. We all go through difficult periods in our lives, when we don’t know who to trust or talk to. Here at Al Barakah Academy Counselling Line, you can be confident that whatever you tell us will be kept in the strictest of confidence. We can advise you on various issues, ranging from marital to family-related problems. There are some questions which you just can’t ask anybody else...that’s what we are here for.
We won't give you any potions or unknown remedies, other than words of advice and guidance directly from the Qur'aan and Sunnah to ease your heart and help you get back on track.
Remember, Allah (st) is always there for you.
"Verily after hardship comes ease"
(Qur'aan: Soorah 94: Verse 6).